Kurt Angle Celebrates Four Years of Sobriety

Not long ago, we wrote an article regarding WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Kurt Angle and his journey to sobriety. Now, Kurt Angle is thrilled to announce that he has achieved four years of sobriety!

On Sunday evening, the wrestler posted a black and white meme of Mickey Mouse flipping the bird that said, “To all the people who said I couldn’t stay sober this long…”

He continued his words with a more serious tone:

“Yesterday was my 4th year anniversary of remaining sober. I’m very humbled by my progress and support. Had to post this, because there’s very little humor in recovery.” Angle continued, “So I’m going to enjoy this. Hope you all do too! “Here’s to 4 years bitches!!!!” #stayingsober #doingitformyfamily #itstrue.”

The 48-year-old has been vocal about his addiction and recovery from prescription painkiller addiction. Angle was first introduced to painkillers in 2003 after sustaining a neck injury. He felt pressured to conceal his injury to continue working, so he opted for painkillers to alleviate the pain.

“I remember taking that first pill, and I was like, ‘well, this makes me feel really good. I feel like I can take on the world and I can’t feel my neck.’ And the affect it had on me gave me more energy than I normally had, so I liked that feeling. So I tried that. One turned to two. Two turned to four. Four turned to eight. And before I knew it, I was out of control,” he said in an interview.

In order to conceal his drug use, Angle would hold off on taking narcotic pain medication during the evening. Right when the night time hit, he would abuse painkillers, alcohol, and anti-anxiety medication. At one point, Angle says he was ingesting 65 painkillers a day. He managed to rack up four DUIs over a six-year period.

At times, he was able to withdraw from opioids on his own, but eventually the desire to use caught up with him.

Looking back, Angle admits: “When you’re that deep into that stuff – you can’t do it on your own.”

In August of 2013, Angle finally reached his breaking point. After his fourth DUI in Wise County, Texas, he decided to enter rehab and has been sober since.

Since entering recovery, Angle has returned to the WWE as a general manager and has launched an app and website to help those in recovery.

“I’m traveling all the time for work, and I’m a husband and father to five kids, so I just don’t have time for AA meetings,” he said. “I could go to a counselor or a psychiatrist, but that’s pricey and still just one day a week. Where was I going to get this structure now?”

Because of these concerns, Angle developed a space that would help give people in recovery a sense of accountability and structure. The site and app, AngleStrong, offers users support, structure, positive affirmations, goals and reminders to help with their sobriety. The site offers tools that help address all aspects of recovery.

Angle stressed how crucial it was for him to maintain a conversational about addiction.

“What keeps me clean is talking about my addiction. I do it daily, whether it’s in the form of talking to a group, an interview or a video chat. And at the same time, I’m giving back.”

We commend Kurt Angle for his efforts in not only staying sober but helping others struggling in their journey as well. It is so important to offer a helping hand to those in the early stages of sobriety. The first year of recovery is challenging and a completely new experience. It is important to create a network of people who will keep you accountable during this period of time.

Addiction is a disease and recovery is the only way to manage and take back control fully. If you are struggling with mental illness or substance abuse, please do not wait to seek help. At one point, Angle felt completely out of control, but recovery gave his life back. You can regain yours too. Call now.

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