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Once medically cleared and stable, the client enters the Residential Treatment Program. The Residential Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs at Palm Healthcare Company feature a level of care that is appropriate for those in treatment and relapse prone clients.  Palm Healthcare Company offers a 30, 60, and 90 day residential treatment program.

In residential treatment, clients receive a level of care that involves the use of

Our residential programs were developed to enhance our clients’ potential for ongoing recovery. Residential drug alcohol treatment programs are both intensive and extensive in the number of client hours, the issues covered and the solutions generated.

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The level of care for substance abuse and addiction treatment may vary depending on the individual needs and the personalized recovery program chosen with a patient and an addiction specialist. One of those levels of care can be residential treatment.

A residential treatment center (RTC) is a live-in health care facility specializing in providing therapy for substance abuse, mental illness and other behavioral problems. Some of the distinctive benefits of residential treatment are:

Structured environment

One of the primary reasons for residential treatment is to provide individuals with a structured environment for recovery, while simultaneously having staff on location 24 hours a day to monitor and assist people going through this transitional period.

Having a structured environment helps develop new, health conscious routines that reinforce stability and consistency. The schedules typically designed by a residential treatment center also promote accountability and commitment to a program of stable and ongoing recovery.

Sense of focus and security

Another aspect of residential treatment that can be greatly beneficial is the sense of focus and security. A residential treatment center allows the individual to be separated from the temptations and stresses of their every-day life that could threaten their progress.

The same can be said for the sense of focus. Being able to step away from work, school, friends and family gives the individual the change to concentrate on their health care and recovery. Residential treatment lets people fully amerce themselves in the process of identifying their biggest obstacles and finding new strategies to cope on their own terms.

Sense of Community

One incredibly impactful benefit of a residential treatment program is the sense of community. The stigma of addiction inspires feelings of isolation, guilt and being misunderstood. Thankfully, the sense of community that a residential treatment center nurtures makes it possible for individuals suffering to know they are not alone.

Residential treatment is full of professionals who understand the disease of addiction, and treat every individual with respect and compassion. With peers, there is the ability to share your stories and struggles with people who have intimate knowledge of those feelings and circumstances.

One of the most tragic parts about addiction is the stigma associated with substance abuse. Stigma often makes people who desperately need help afraid to get it, and far too many people lose their fight to drugs or alcohol without knowing there is a way out. Everyone should know they never have to do it alone.

Gives Family Time to Heal

Anyone who knows substance abuse and addiction first-hand also knows the pain and confusion families experience. Substance abuse and addiction affect far more than just the individual. The parents or siblings, spouses or children of addicts are often hurt deeply in the process of active drug or alcohol use.

The loved ones of an addict need recovery too. Another huge benefit of residential treatment is that the family also gets time to heal and seek out their own options for education and support. They can be separated from the individual enough to learn how to be helpful, while still having healthy boundaries.

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