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Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious illness that can impact your whole life. It is characterized by a compulsive need to drink and use drugs even in the face of severe consequences. An addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is very serious and life threatening. Often, an alcoholic or addict needs the help of a skilled intervention in order to recover.

We take pride in our high success rate and the positive transformation that many of our clients have undergone! Here are just some of the success stories that have come out of Palm Healthcare Company and its treatment facilities.

5 Years Clean

The Day of  Commencement

2 Years Clean

1+ Years Clean

1+ Years Clean

1+ Years Clean

1 Year Clean

1 Year Clean

6 Months Sober

3 Months Sober

Addiction is a terrible disease but this place was the first step in my recovery. I am clean and sober for 131 days now and I firmly believe Palm Partners put me on this path and setup a solid plan for me to maintain growth even after you leave their facility. I have been in and out of outpatient programs for over 10 years. I wish I would have found this place 10 years ago. Would have saved a lot of heartache and broken relationships. Jessi

When I first came to the program I was broken, full of guilt, shame with no self-worth. I had ruined my life with drugs and alcohol and saw no way out. While at the Orchid, I gained insight not only about my addiction but also as a women in recovery. All of the staff are loving and tough when they need to be because they care. I am almost 6 months clean and feel like another women: can you miss rehab?


Thankful for this place!!! Every day I wake up I have a choice, G & G made that a realization for me!


Andrew ran to methamphetamine, oxymorphone and alcohol to escape from early trauma at the age of 17. He felt trapped in a previous state run treatment facility. At Palm Partners, Andrew said he was given the tools to live life. He says Palm Partners will save you.
Jennifer was addicted to methamphetamine and has been dealing with it for 17 years. At The Orchid, she realized how much help she really needed to put her life back together. She says that “it was unparalleled to anything she could have imagined.”
Frank’s addiction to alcohol and crack put him hanging out in crack houses, while living in a halfway house. After being in other treament centers, at G+G Holistic Addiction Treatment Program, Frank was able to get down to the bottom of his issues, as to why he was using, and get the tools he needed.
I came in broken, and left repaired. I was always stuck in the past and scared of the future. Palm Partners gave me my life back. I once again have faith, hope, and belief. Thank You!!! Nicholas

Orchid saved my life. They run an amazing program. Their staff is loving and supportive. They teach you the skills you need to live a healthy, sober, holistic lifestyle. I’m grateful for everyone I encountered in the program. Layla

G & G has a professional staff that allows their clients to get the best holistic treatment available in today’s ever changing fast pace Society we live in. So if you’re looking for holistic approach to healing make the call today it will change your life forever.


Clinton’s addiction to cocaine caused him to almost lose a 20 year job where he was making $30 an hour. At Palm Partners, he learned that there’s no cure for his disease, only a solution. He never was in treatment before, but said that Palm Partners saved his life.
Danielle’s addiction to oxycodone, xanax and cocaine consumed her life. She talks about how treatment at The Orchid helped her to figure out who she was and saved her life.
Sarah’s addiction to heroin was the worst it had ever been before coming into treatment. At G+G Holistic Addiction Treatment Program, she was able to open up and says she never felt better.




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