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What is holistic treatment

Holistic approaches to addiction can be of great assistance throughout the stages of recovery. From detoxification to reducing stress and improving mental and physical well-being, holistic approaches play a vital role in regaining personal balance. The approach of holistic drug and alcohol treatment involves methods that are specific with addressing the mind, body, and spirit together and individually in the healing process of those seeking help.

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment differs from traditional methods of addiction treatment that tend to only treat certain aspects of the client and their disease of addiction.  The staff involved in holistic drug and alcohol treatment programs understands the complex nature of addiction, and the concept that it is a three-part disease:

  • A physical allergy
  • A mental obsession
  • A spiritual malady

There is plenty of research that has found that substance abuse interventions that incorporate spiritual approaches, such as meditation, provide benefit to healing and recovery through reshaping both psychological and psychosocial factors.

Holistic solutions to addiction treatment have proven extremely effective in increasing addiction recovery rates and preventing addiction relapse.

hypnotherapy treatment
meditation & mindfulness
  • Yoga is a system of physical
    postures, breathing techniques
    and meditation often practiced to
    promote bodily or mental control
    and well-being.
  • Hypnotherapy is a skilled
    verbal communication, used
    during hypnosis, which helps
    direct a client’s imagination in
    such a way as to bring about
    intended alterations, sensations,
    perceptions, feelings, thoughts
    and behavior.
Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Meditation is a mind-body
    practice in complementary and
    alternative medicine (CAM).
    Meditation may be practiced for
    many reasons, such as to increase
    calmness and physical relaxation,
    to improve psychological balance,
    to cope with illness, or to enhance
    overall health and well-being.
chiropractic care
transformational breathing
private massage
  • Chiropractic is a healthcare
    profession that focuses on
    disorders of the musculoskeletal
    system and the nervous
    system, as well as the effects
    of these disorders on general
    health. Chiropractic care is
    used most often to treat
    neuromusculoskeletal complaints.
Transformational Breathing
  • Transformational Breath®
    is a self-empowering healing
    system that can help you have
    more energy, feel more peaceful
    and achieve a higher level of
    consciousness. This breathing
    technique works by guiding
    people to follow a specific
    breathing pattern that has
    incredible healing benefits.
Private Massage
  • We offer private massage
    sessions for our clients. The
    therapeutic benefits of massage
    continue to be researched
    and studied. Recent research
    has shown the effectiveness
    of massage for easing alcohol
    withdrawal symptoms.
physical therapy
strength and conditioning
acupuncture treatment
Physical Therapy
  • Palm Healthcare Company offers
    a full range of exercise based
    physical therapy programs to get
    you back to where you should
    be both physically and mentally.
    Promoting a healthy mind, body
    and spirit is what we do here!
Strength & Conditioning
  • The physical benefits of exercise
    include improved heart and lung
    functioning, improved strength
    and stamina, weight management
    and more. Exercise increases
    overall health and sense of well-being.
    Exercise also has some
    direct stress-busting benefits.
  • The Ancient Chinese art of
    healing that works directly with
    your energy system (Qi) and helps
    maintain health and balance as
    well as protect us from illness, pain
    and disease.
life coaching
recovery coaching
hyperbaric chamber
Life Coaching
  • Life Coaching is designed to
    empower you as an individual, a
    family member, or a partner with
    the information and accountability
    you need to achieve the results
    you desire in life. Your Palm
    Healthcare Company coach will
    provide information resources,
    tools and plans to design your life
    the way you really want.
Recovery Coaching
  • Should you require extended
    case management, Recovery
    Coaching may be the best fit for
    you. A Recovery Coach will act
    as an intensive accountability
    partner supporting the recovery
    plan you have designed. For more
    information as to whether or not
    Recovery Coaching is a good fit,
    speak to your Case Manager and/
    or your therapist.
Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Hyperbaric chambers are
    pressure vessels with many
    different uses and have been
    used to treat sickness since 1662.
    Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) is a
    tool your brain needs to heal itself.
    HBOT is an important tool in the
    recovery process.
native american sweat lodge
Native American Sweat Lodge
  • The Native American Sweat
    Lodge ceremony is an ancient
    practice that focuses on the
    purification, balance and
    transformation of the body, mind
    and spirit. It is also considered
    a prayer and healing circle for
    the physically, emotionally and
    psychologically-ailed person.
  • Biofeedback is a treatment
    technique that is often used to
    complement a well-rounded
    mental health or addiction
    treatment program, in order
    to improve results of overall
    treatment. Through the use of
    electrical sensors, biofeedback
    helps you to measure your bodily
    functions and aids you in learning
    how to control them with your

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