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Matt Williams

The Interview

Matt Williams (Going from being successful to addiction to a new success) has a quick discussion about his reinvention following losing everything through addiction to finding a new successful life by being honest with himself. He went through treatment at Palm Partners and learned that he wasn’t doing well his way, so he tried a new way. He stopped letting himself get in his own way and found support. He began expressing the feelings he was covering up and began taking care of himself. Matt began his new life by giving back. He went back to fitness training and then developed a healthy product that has taken off.

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Matt Williams talks with Dug McGuirk about his reinvention following addiction and treatment. He began working as a teacher and was doing well, but not really happy. Then came the alcohol and drugs, which led him to Palm Partners and treatment from his addiction. Matt was able to turn his life around by taking care of himself, reaching out and working with others. He talks with Doug about his growth and being present and passionate about what he does.

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