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William “Chip” Corley

The Interview

Doug McGuirk sat with William “Chip” Corley (his non-linear path to success) for a discussion about how happiness came when he tackled financial freedom and fitness with Reinvention in his life and his reasoning for minimalism.

William "Chip" Corley interview

William “Chip” Corley talks with Dug McGuirk about his recent book “Financial Fitness  The Journey From Wall Street to Badwater 135”. He began by working on Wall Street in the financial arena. He describes his reinvention as a non-linear path, taking two steps forward and three steps back. Chip believes it is never too late to start from scratch. His reinvention came from continually assessing his principles and adjusting his life to meet those principles. He talks about how he navigated through the difficulties in his life.

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